ISSA sailing school in Cyprus

ISSA sailing school in Cyprus

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Discover the World of Sailing with Vardi Vela’s ISSA Sailing School in Cyprus

Are you dreaming of navigating the waves, commanding a yacht with the breeze at your back, or cruising on a speedy motorboat? If so, the ISSA Sailing School in Cyprus may be your perfect starting point. At Vardi Vela, our passion for the sea unites us—whether it’s diving, sailing, or surfing—and we are committed to sharing this passion through comprehensive and professional sailing education.

ISSA sailing school in Cyprus

Why Choose Vardi Vela’s ISSA Sailing Courses in Cyprus?

Experience and Expertise

At Vardi Vela, we are not just instructors; we are avid sea enthusiasts who live and breathe the oceanic lifestyle. Our ISSA sailing courses in Cyprus are designed to impart years of accumulated knowledge to our students, making them confident skippers ready to take on the sea. Whether you’re a beginner aiming to learn basic sailing techniques or an experienced sailor looking to acquire an International Skipper License, our curriculum caters to all levels.

Comprehensive Sailing Curriculum

Our courses extensively cover everything you need to know to become a proficient sailor. From practical sailing skills to theoretical knowledge such as navigation and sea safety, every aspect is thoroughly taught. Moreover, students who complete their training with us aren’t just skilled; they’re ready to be captains—knowledgeable, confident, and responsible.

Beyond the Classroom: Real World Sailing

Once you’ve completed your course, the adventure doesn’t end there. Vardi Vela offers unique opportunities to sail under the northern lights in Norway, along the sunny shores of Thailand, or during a picturesque sunset on a French catamaran. Our skippers’ courses include experiences in various global destinations, enriching your learning with every voyage and providing invaluable practical exposure.

Additional Offerings at Vardi Vela ISSA Sailing School

Continuous Support and Advanced Training

We believe in lifelong learning and continuous improvement. That’s why Vardi Vela provides ongoing advice and support even after course completion. Skippers’ courses and additional training opportunities are always available to help you refine your skills and tackle new challenges on the water.

Join Our Sailing Community

Participate in group sailing events like flotilla sailing with Vardi Vela, where you can navigate alongside a fleet of fellow enthusiasts. It’s a fantastic way to build confidence, enjoy camaraderie, and apply your skills in a supportive and fun environment.

Sailing Equipment and Rentals

At Vardi Vela, we also cater to your equipment needs with a sale of competitive and professional ROOSTER sailing gear, AQUA Speed Boats, and VK Kayaks. Looking to sail on your own? We offer boat rentals—charters available globally—allowing you to captain your own vessel wherever you choose to explore.

Start Your Sailing Adventure Today

Whether you are looking to start a new hobby, pursue a career in sailing, or simply want to enjoy time on the water with friends and family, Vardi Vela’s ISSA sailing school in Cyprus is your gateway to the vast blue. Come sail away with us, learn from the best, and turn your sea dreams into reality.

For more information on our courses and offerings, or to sign up for a session, visit our website or contact us directly. Embark on your sailing journey with Vardi Vela and experience the thrill and freedom of life at sea.

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ISSA sailing course in Cyprus
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ISSA sailing course in Cyprus

Discover the Thrill of Sailing with ISSA Courses in Cyprus ISSA sailing course in Cyprus offers an extraordinary opportunity to master the art of sailing

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