Advanced level skipper course for sailors with a skipper’s license who want to increase their sailing range and deepen their level of understanding of yachts at sea.

The course is suitable for ages 18 and over.

A two-day course where we go on a long voyage and where the trainees are given command of the boat together with the guide from the beginning of the course.

When the whole goal is to experience a long voyage and be in changing sea conditions while understanding the responsibility and commanding a crew at sea. During the course we will sail between selected marinas in Cyprus or drop anchor in beautiful bays along the coast of the island.

At the end of the course, the trainees in the course will receive an ISSA International Offshore License that allows long-distance sailing from the coast day and night.

Offshore motor skipper allows you to sail up to 60 miles from the coast on a 24 meter long vessel day and night with a total weight of up to 80 GT.

If the students do not have an SRC license to operate maritime communication, they will take a maritime communication course during the voyage.

The course can be taken during the optional course as a mandatory condition for certification.

The course has up to 4 students with an instructor.

Syllabus and costs

Course price: €940

Test price and certificate: €300

Passing the test is a mandatory condition for receiving the certificate

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