Our Flotilas

So what is a flotilla?

Several yachts sailing together after one leading yacht to beautiful magical docking places, accompanied by a professional training crew

Visit the beautiful islands and beaches around the world and accumulate unique experiences.

Sleep and eat on your yacht. A truly special opportunity for all friends and family.

You can come as a skipper and sail the yacht yourself as part of the flotilla with all your friends.

Whether you have a skipper’s license or not, you can come and we’ll have a professional skipper to accompany you throughout your vacation.

Come with friends or family and we’ll take care of you on a luxurious yacht accompanied by a professional skipper throughout the flotilla.

For those interested in a private yacht we can build a special boat at a separate rate.

Want to catch two birds with one stone? You can also add a skipper course on a yacht!

Come sail with us and get a skipper’s license at the same time.

Enjoy sea cruises and spectacular views while learning how to sail on your own.

You will live and study the boat from all directions, acquire new abilities and sharpen your knowledge. At the end of the week, if you passed the final exam, you will receive a professional and international skipper certificate!

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