SRC/VHF course - Marine communication radio for ISSA vessels.

Maritime radio communication course for ISSA vessels.

At sea we use the VHF system to contact marinas, ports, other vessels and shore stations.

In the course we will learn theory about the different communication tools and the main communication channels.

We will get to know the various tools and systems that exist, among others: NAVTEX, EPIRB, DSC, AIS and more…

In addition, we will learn the speech procedures in connection with the routine while sailing with the various stations and also the speech procedures

In emergencies and distress and how to behave with the staff in those events.

The duration of the course is 8 hours (two sessions).

Minimum number of people per course is 4 to 12 participants.


Course price: €120

Test price and certificate: €110

Passing the test is a mandatory condition for receiving the certificate

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