Skippers course at the highest level that we conduct at our school ISSA. The license allows you to sail an unlimited distance from a safe shore on a vessel up to 200 GT.

You can access the course from the age of 18 or older.

Before entering the course, the student must arrive with first aid certificates, maritime communication (GMDSS) and a marine survival course with a minimum experience of: 60 days sailing in the open sea on at least 5 different voyages in different sea areas and in addition. 2 cruises of more than 100 nautical miles as skipper.

If the purpose of the course is a commercial license for large vessels, the student must arrive with an STCW license

The minimum course time is 40 hours during which we will mainly prepare for the test and refresh the theoretical material together.

The next person to do this license has to smoothly and fluently master the material of the offshore skipper.

In addition to this, an ISSA Master Yachting Licensee must:

To have a respectable appearance and respect for others.
Has complete confidence in his actions and decisions at sea.
Sociable for his team.
Be calm during emergencies in order to calm down and not aggravate stressful events.

Syllabus and costs

Course price: €2200

Test price and certificate: €300

Passing the test is a mandatory condition for receiving the certificate

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