Sailing crew member course

Every good sailor knows that a good voyage is measured not only by the skipper of the boat but also by the quality of the crew that sails with him.

To this end, we conduct the ISSA staff member course at our school.

The crew member course, our most basic course suitable for ages 8 and up is suitable for young people and adults with no experience at sea at all.

Its purpose is to expose its participants to the sailing vessel called a yacht. We will learn together how to use the various systems that exist in the boat, how to tie knots, hold a rudder, raise and lower an anchor and be a helping force for the skipper.

GMDSS is not done in this course.

The length of the course is 3 days.

Minimum course participants: 4


Course price: €240

Test price and certificate: €110

Passing the test is a mandatory condition for receiving the certificate

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