vardi vela cyprus

Vardi Vela Cyprus
ISSA Sailing School

Vardi Vela Cyprus
ISSA Sailing School

Professional sailing school in Cyprus. Come receive a professional skipper course and sail with us to beautiful destinations around the world

Who are we?

Enthusiastic sea lovers that only want to share the experience with you!

Vardi Vela is a sailing school in Marina Larnaka, Cyprus. It is known by the worldwide sailing organisation ISSA. In the school we teach professional, one week long sailling courses.

Vardi Vela’s team is consistent of professioal sailing coaches that were trained by ISSA’s unique lerning method on it’s different levels.

​• Crew Member

• Offshore Skipper 

• Inshore Skipper 

• Yacht Master 200-500 ton

• ISSA Sailing Instructors

ISSA Skipper license withstands the ICC demands of the UN. That allows you to rent yachts in countries that are a part of the UN’s ICC organisation.

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Erez Vardi

Vardi Vela Cyprus Founder

The founder of Vardi Vela school Erez Verdi, Nice to meet you!

Member of the Israeli sailing teams on the 420 470 dingy boats models.

Sailing coach. In the army, a school instructor in Hovlim, diving instructor, living and breathing the sea from an early age. Exclusive representative of ISSA in Israel.

Member of the team mediators between authorities and countries on behalf of ISSA worldwide, member of ISSA’s board of directors and a member of the professional team of the UN Economic Convention (UNECE-40) – the ICC licenses.

Senior ISSA guide and Examiner for Training Licenses and Commercial Ships up to 500 tons.


Vardi vela’s team consists only of professional instructors authorized in the ISSA method of study.

So what do we actually do?

Coming soon! Variety of retreats and unique prejects in Cyprus's beautiful islands

Unique sailing experience on flotilas to beautiful destinations around the world

Professional and centralized one week skipper courses in changing destination

Our Skipper Courses

With us, you can also get a unique skipper course and learn to sail a boat entirely on your own. The skipper course is focused, extended and is carried out in Cyprus.

The course includes accommodation on a yacht and a final exam at the end of the course after which you will receive your skipper’s license.

In the course you will learn how to operate and manage a boat, you will get to know the boat inside and out and specialize in the field. You will also learn sailing, rescue, marine radio (VHF), ropework, navigation and more.

Crew member course

An initial course perfect for the young skipper. It can be performed separately from the in-shore course.

Suitable for ages 8 and up. In the course, we will acquire basic knowledge about the yacht inside and out, and we can provide basic assistance to the skipper while sailing. We’ll learn rope work operating the toilet and shower, lifting and lowering the anchor and operating the boat. At the end of the course, you will receive a crewmember and young skipper certificate.

In-Shore course

A course that allows you to sail 20 miles offshore during the day and night. Suitable for ages 16 and up. Minimum 50 hours of study. International ISSA license recognized anywhere in the world.

Conversion can be performed at any ISSA school in Israel.

Off-Shore course

An extended course that allows you to sail for ranges of up to 100 miles from the coast. Suitable for in-shore licensees holders 18 years of age or older. Minimum 48 hours of study. International ISSA license recognized anywhere in the world.

Conversion can be performed at any ISSA school in Israel.

Our Flotilas

So what is a flotilla?

Several yachts sailing together after one leading yacht to beautiful magical docking places, accompanied by a professional training crew

Visit the beautiful islands and beaches around the world and accumulate unique experiences.

Sleep and eat on your yacht. A truly special opportunity for all friends and family.


You can come as a skipper and sail the yacht yourself as part of the flotilla with all your friends.

Whether you have a skipper’s license or not, you can come and we’ll have a professional skipper to accompany you throughout your vacation.

Come with friends or family and we’ll take care of you on a luxurious yacht accompanied by a professional skipper throughout the flotilla.

For those interested in a private yacht we can build a special boat at a separate rate.


Want to catch two birds with one stone? You can also add a skipper course on a yacht!

Come sail with us and get a skipper’s license at the same time.

Enjoy sea cruises and spectacular views while learning how to sail on your own.

You will live and study the boat from all directions, acquire new abilities and sharpen your knowledge. At the end of the week, if you passed the final exam, you will receive a professional and international skipper certificate!

So who are ISSA?

ISSA is an international  Sailing organization, founded in London in January 1969, by big sailing organizations from France, Italy, Poland, the UK and Switzerland.

It didn’t take long for many other sailing organizations  around the world to join too: The Middle East, The US, Asia, Australia and Africa.

As for today, in 2022, ISSA has more than 3,500 sailing schools and clubs around the globe.

The main purpose of the organization is to provide people with the opportunity to learn how to sail and start their journey in the sailing school, also providing an international career path for sailing coaches around the world.

The organization’s top priorities:

* Extremely high standards for sailing coaching.

* Putting safety first in the whole sea education process.

* Promoting the Yacht world as leisure culture as well as an educational activity.

* Encouraging international cooperation and interaction between schools belonging to the organization, Including the exchange of knowledge and teaching techniques between the sailing instructors and the coaches belonging to the organization.

* ISSA Skipper’s licences are recognised anywhere in the world.

Waiting for you!

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