Vardi Vela Cyprus ISSA Sailing School

The professional sailing school in Cyprus. Come learn a challenging and concentrated skipper course and go sailing in spectacular places around the world.

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Who we are?

VARDI VELA CYPRUS The sailing school - a club and a warm home for all those who love the sea - was established in 2009.

We are people who live and breathe the sea at the sailing school, each in his own way, whether it’s diving, sailing or surfing

What unites us is the love and respect for the sea, the ocean, the waves and the wind.

We are extremely proud to teach and pass on all the extensive and professional knowledge we have accumulated over the years to our future student skippers.

Is it your dream to learn to sail a yacht with the wind or sail a fast motorboat? Water Skiing?

Sailing with family and friends on a yacht? Be the captain (skipper) of the boat? All this and more we teach whether it is a course on the beautiful island of Cyprus or in another destination.

You have finished the course and you are skippers today, congratulations!

Want to sail and improve your links?

Under the northern lights of Norway, along the shores of Thailand with a coconut in hand or while watching the sunset on a catamaran in France, we guide and teach and experience the sea in all its glory in different and changing destinations.

Each voyage brings with it new knowledge and experience.

In addition to the skipper courses, you can find with us:

Advice and support for students after the course – you are always welcome to ask, call and just talk.

Sailing with the school in a flotilla (fleet of boats sailing in a group).

Renting boats individually – charters – in the world.

Sale of competitive and professional ROOSTER sailing equipment and more – contact us for more details.

Sale of AQUA Speed Boats and VK Kayaks.

The ISSA skipper’s license meets the requirements of the UN ICC, which allows yachts to be rented also in the member states of the UN ICC organization.


Owner and initiator of VARDI VELA CYPRUS SCHOOL

“… the sea and all the human activities around it have always been a part of me which has been reflected in the reality of my life since my childhood when I walk along the seashore in Shavei Zion, the place where I grew up.

At the beginning of my journey in the world of competitive sailing, I participated in many competitions and won many victories in the 420 and 470 models, including first place in Maccabiah in 1985 in Nahariya and more.

I then embarked on a major voyage around the world as skipper and plowed the Pacific and Atlantic oceans where I gained a lot of experience in challenging and unpredictable sailing conditions.

Continuing my path in the world of the sea, I started coaching competitive sailing teams and with great pride I can say that I brought many talented sailors to participate in national and international competitions.

At the same time, I opened the “North Gulf Divers” diving school in Eilat and acted as a senior instructor as a DIVE MASTER INSTRUCTOR.

In 2010 I opened the VARDI VELA sailing school where I taught hundreds of people how to be responsible and good skippers.

My many years of training in the field led me to the decision to join and cooperate with the sailing organization ISSA – International Sailing School Association. Since this decision we have jointly promoted training methods, written study materials and fostered and promoted the field of sailing in the world.

Today my great love for sailing and my partnership with ISSA in the sea world has led me to fulfill my dream in establishing VARDIVELA CYPRUS the professional sailing school in Cyprus.

Thanks to this school, I was able to close a circle and sail in all the oceans of the world.

This love of mine together with the many adventures and journeys I bring to expression and with their help teach those who come to the VARDIVELA CYPRUS school…”

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So who are ISSA?

ISSA is the international organization of sailing schools founded in London in January 1969, by major sailing organizations from France, Italy, Poland, Great Britain and Switzerland.

He was soon joined by other sailing organizations from around the world: the Middle East, America, Asia, Australia and Africa.

Today the organization has over 3500 sailing schools and clubs worldwide

The purpose of the organization is to provide opportunities in the world for people who dream of learning to sail and start their journey in sailing schools,
as well as providing an international career path for sailing guides around the world.
The organization named Diglo:
* Setting high standards for sailing instructions.
* Promoting safety at every level of the maritime education process.
*Promoting the world of yachting as a leisure culture and educational activity.
*Encouraging international cooperation and mutual relations between the schools belonging to the organization, including the exchange of knowledge and teaching techniques between the sailing instructors and coaches belonging to the organization.

*ISSA skipper licenses are recognized anywhere in the world, when the ISSA boating license can be converted to an Israeli boating license.
(one theory test and one practical test)

So what do we do?
Professional and concentrated skipper courses on the island of Cyprus and in varying destinations
Experience cruises and flotillas in exotic destinations and sites in the world
Renting boats for private charters in the world for our students and skippers in general
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